Wish Tree

Wish tree

A Wish Tree is understood as a living tree positioned in public space. People can hang their wishes, ideas, worries etc. on a piece of paper into the tree´s branches. Wish Trees exist in many cultures. In some countries like India, Japan, China an Turkey they are part of old traditions and are therefore approached regularly and not only as part of a temporal intervention. The rituals differ in the countries. The same, however, is the background; respect for the power and magic of the trees and the idea that trees can serve as a mediator and amplifier in fateful processes.

The Wish Tree project is an urban intervention stimulating the integration of wishes of local communities in Berlin-Neukölln into the urban regeneration processes of their neighborhood. Inhabitants were invited to write down their wishes for the immediate urban environment; those were attached to a tree as a carrier of all wishes.

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The Praying Box was developed in cooperation with Urban Design students of the Planning Laboratory of the Technical University of Berlin as part of the Contributions to Paradise series for the urban redevelopment of Karl-Marx-Straße in Berlin-Neukölln.

Funded by the Cultural Office Berlin-Neukölln in the Fonds Dezentrale Kulturarbeit (decentralized cultural work). Made possible with the amazing logistical support of Dr. Martin Steffens, Festival organizer 48 hours Neukölln and his team from the Cultural Network Neukölln.