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The confrontation with emotions, sounds and visual information at all times is the starting point of this performance. In cities we are surrounded by a constant hum, while having little ways to let out, to open the valve, to empty and to refresh the overloaded system. This is literally reflected in the disappearance of public spaces for recreation in the urban environment.

For the performance the techniques of dynamic meditation were applied and taken into the public. On a bridge crossing a highly frequented inner city highway in London three stages out of normally five stages of dynamic meditation were performed in an attempt to turn off surrounding sounds and to reclaim public space.

This performance was developed as part of Le Dernier Cri, Sound Development City summer expeditions to Berlin, London and Zurich and is a work-in-progess.

The video was further screened at the Fonotéca Nacional in Mexico City as part of the exhibition el ruido ese, el silencio by Israel Martinez.

instructions for dynamic mediation

Concept and Performance: Katharina Rohde
Video: Israel Martinez

Video Screening during exibition in Zurich, Annex Manesses