Participation of Youth in City Planning


In collaboration with architects, artists and urban planners, children, teenagers and women/mothers of different cultural backgrounds participate in the urban re-development of Karl-Marx-Straße in Berlin-Neukölln. Since 2008, a yearly Workshop series is hosted where facades of the main shopping streets are designed, possible usages for public squares are imagined or guided tours through the village and the metropolis, that co-exist so closely within the neighborhood, are initiated.

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In the workshops we question what an urban square could be, we explore our sensual experiences in spaces or we develop future scenarios for our neighborhood. Decision makers of the re-development process are invited to participate in the Workshops and final presentations that over the years have been interventions in public spaces, a party and night club and several exhibitions as part of the Arts and Culture festival 48 hours Neukölln.

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Though open to the processes decision makers show little willingness to actually integrate ideas developed during the workshops. The mediation between top down and bottom up planning processes are the most challenging and need a lot of patience and long-term engagement.

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photos courtesy to all workshop leaders, Katharina Rohde, Aurelien Parsy, Benjamin Deboosere and Karo Krämer.

This workshop series is hosted by Young Arts NK and Cultural Network Neukölln and funded by The Senate for City Planning Berlin and Aktion KMS! Creative director and coordinator of the Workshop series is Katharina Rohde.