Neuköllner Businesses

Art in Business Spaces
Over a period of six weeks five artists and business owners with immigrant background were working collaboratively aiming to visualize economic and socio- cultural potentials and common stories.

The inside of the shop, the shop window and the pavement in front turned into temporal exhibitions- and action zones. On one weekend in September 2010 five Neuköllner Businesses opened their doors and invited an audience to discover what it means to do business in Neukölln.

1 Dialogue with a shop owner


Indre Klimaite interprets the furniture shop Möbel Partner as a platform for a dialogue between the “Inside and the Outside”. The shop owner asks question inside his shop to the by passers on the street, where his questions will be answered. By- passers asked questions on the street to the shop owner inside. There is no direct contact between the questioners and therefore no limits of what can be asked. The artists becomes the mediator. A collection of questions and answers are choreographed by Indre Klimaite and staged as a dialogue. The shop front becomes the exhibition space and describes the border between the “Inside and the Outside”.

Indre Klimaite (Graphic Designer/ Lithuania) & Möbel Partner (Palestine)

2 Coloring the Streets


The artist trio Dreiecke (Triangle) developed a super- sized coloring book. The shop front of the lingerie shop Wäsche Hochfeld was covered with white tracing paper, a black line re- produced the actual space. Drawings & colorings that were produced collaboratively with the shop owner and customers, allowed the re- interpretation of the day to day reality in which the different inhabitants of the area meet.

Dreiecke (Multimedia/ Spain) & Wäsche Hochfeld (Germany)

3 Stars & Heroes


Hair styles are perceived as an crucial part of the identity of a person in our culture. They are, like clothing or accessories always an expression of a desired identity. The illustrator Salom Beaury invited customers of Coiffeur Dive- Style, to put try on various illustrated hair- style templets and to play with different identities and cliches. An informal atmosphere for discussion and debate was created.

In a dialogue between the artist and the hairdresser, techniques and backgrounds of the corresponding hair- styles were documented. Furthermore an intercultural exchange about life plans and the love to each others profession was established.

Hair Style Gallery:

Salom Beaury (Illustration/ International) & Coiffeur Diva Style (Turkey)

4 Look me into the eyes Baby!


The artist Dovrat Meron collaborated with the Jasmin Shop. Meron photographed the eyes of the female employees and customers of different cultural backgrounds and interviewed them in regard to ´body and intimacy`. The close ups of the eyes became an installation draped around a mannequin. In a performative interaction, the artist invited by- passers, to chose on a pair of eyes and talked about what she had found out about the person.

Dovrat Meron (Performance/ Israel) & Jasmin Shop (Palestine)

5 Ode to Joy_Part 2


The starting point of the performance is the poem by Friedrich Schiller ´Ode to Joy` and the ´Storm and Stress` movement. This era refers to the time of the german reconnaissance and symbolizes a time when people dreamed of universal brotherhood and freedom. Nevertheless tension between the generous dream and the the linguistic difficulties of the immigrants exist and are the condition of every single immigrant. In a reading of a special kind, linguistic peculiarities were stated clearly and drawn from the various guests of the take- away; which turned into a scenario of the poetry of the  ´Storm and Stress` for a short moment.

Etienne Rey (Performance/ France) & Erdem Kilic Take- Away (Turkey)