Run Mike Run!


6 min. experimental Video, concept & direction: Katharina Rohde

Street traders are the most visible segment of the informal economy. This visibility implies vulnerability at the same time; they therefore often have to face physical, and emotional threats from various sides: street traders are seen as „unfair competition“ to mainstream retailers, as obstructions by motorists, and as unsightly and unhealthy by local authorities.

Street traders have no legal status, and are therefore officially not allowed to trade in the streets. Therefore they have to face evictions through the Police often on a daily basis. Those hardly take place without physical attacks, goods are confined, and can only be reclaimed by paying outrages fines. The Video „how long does it take…“ shows street traders with different physically constructed businesses, varying measurements, and goods, packing up their belongings in order to run away from the Police. The video wants to point out the tension that traders feel on a daily basis, as well as their flexible and creative act of „packing up to perfection“.

With the friendly support of the Goethe Institute Johannesburg.