Future Maker/s – Future Market/s

Future Maker/s – Future Market/s develops strategies to engage residents of refugee camps in Berlin Lichtenberg to share their talents, skills and knowledge with each other and the larger community. Lichtenberg houses the largest number of refugees of all districts in Berlin, yet its predominant urban fabric of “Plattenbau”, prefab housing slabs built in the second half of the 20th century, is not conducive as a place where newcomers find resources to start their new lives. A series of mobile furniture that can be flexible to adapt to different uses as well as different locations (indoor and outdoor), can be built by newcomers themselves and allows future makers to test their business ideas without large upfront costs or long-term commitment of rent evolves.

Future Makers_1

Future Makers_2

Concept developed for ´Place and Displacement: A Marketplace in Refugee Settlements`, an Architecture and Public Administration Competition. http://www.idevelopment.us/competition/

In collaboration with Kaja Kühl, Hussam Jabr, Ingrid Sabatier and Lama Sulaiman.