Fun Fair Marzahn

The sessions are choreographed and moderated in such a way that a discussion around relevant themes and questions of contemporary city-making in marginalised contexts can be reflected upon, bringing practitioners and thinkers together.

Community-Cooking-Action // led by Carla Schwarz & Rebecca Wall
What are spaces of learning? What and how do we learn? (How) do we care, and express our solidarity? How do we build resilience? How and why  can urban design function as a fundamental pillar of socio-cultural and also socio-political localization for old and new habitants of urban areas?

The community-cooking-action will be organized in cooperation with migrant women on site. Visitors of the day will be asked to join and to chop, cut, cook and care while reflecting upon how learning is generated, what a “good” learning environment is composed of, what is essential to learn and how this connects to questions of solidarity and resilience and individual localization and connection

Making “Hackenporsche” (shopping trolley) // led by Todosch Schlopsnies
The idea of the making  session is to invite visitors to design and build a “Hackenporsche”, which is a shopping trolley, or also translated as “karachi” in Farsi, and to engage with the question of what we take with us from participatory projects/collaborations such as desinc LIVE or Stadtwerke Mrzn, and what we can possibly leave behind when such projects end? What is the precarity of engaging in a marginal context? What hopes do we awaken, and what disappointments are likely to remain? What do we learn from our temporal engagements, in terms of the temporary nature of marginal lives and the liminality it entails?

Each visitor is invited to build her/his own karachi and to continue the journey…

Walking // led by Kathrin Wildner & Katharina Rohde:
During this walk, we invite visitors to engage with us in questions of centrality and periphery, in the spatial and in the socio-political context. We seek to bring forth the discussion on an urban practice that combines the spatial, the social, the activist, and the artistic, currently relevant in Berlin (see Initiative Urban Practice) and beyond and which connects to the desinc LIVE context and questions around the interrogation of the society/academy interface.

The experimental symposium will host an exhibition with the semester’s work of the UdK students plus the outcomes of the international ‘Making’ workshop. The exhibition will be curated by UdK students in collaboration with the Stadtwerke and UdK team and will take place in and around some of the productions on site.

Fun Fair Marzahn: Experimental Symposium is the final dissemination event of the Desinc Live action research project.